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Apple releases iOS 13.2.1 for its HomePod

Finally, there is good news for those HomePod owners who got their devices bricked after updating them to 13.2. Apple has now released the new update for the HomePod and it has been named as iOS update 13.2.1. There are reports that the new update has been designed in a way that it will fix the issues that the customers were facing with the iOS 13.2 update. Customers with the old update were facing issues at the time of rebooting their HomePods.

“You’re still asked to contact Apple Support if your speaker is dead in the water, but everyone else should have personalized responses, audio handoffs with iPhones, relaxing ambient sounds and support for music in HomeKit scenes.”

The iOS update 13.2.1 is the latest release from Apple in the efforts of improving the functionality of its HomePods. Earlier, the tech giant released iOS 13.1 in order to boost up the device and now this time Apple has released a new update to fix the bricking issue that the customers are facing.

HomePod will be able to recognize the voice of each family member with the new update in hand. In short, this will give you a personalized experience. Make music, podcasts or answer phone calls with your iPhones. Your HomeKitscenes will also be added to the new update.

Certain features that the new update would provide would allow users to set sleep timers for music or Ambient Sounds to fall asleep. Users can also experiment with Ambient Sounds and listen to high-quality soundtracks.

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