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Walmart offering discount on Google Home Max

We all know that smart speakers are in trend these days and these are especially for those people who are really into music. So if you were looking to purchase a smart speaker for a while then this is the perfect time as most of the smart speakers are currently available on offer. There are reports that Google Home Max is currently retailing at a price that is $100 less than its usual price.

The Google Home Max is not just about listening to the high-definition voice of Google Assistant. In reality, it’s more for music lovers who like a smart speaker’s idea but have an ear for great-sounding music. The Google Home Max is normally one of the most expensive smart speakers out there, but it’s a bit more affordable with this discount.

It is the size of the device which makes Google Home Max deliver such a great sound. Talking about the dimensions, the smart speaker is 13.2-by-7.4-by-6 inches and the size of the device provides ample room for larger speaker drivers. With such dimensions, the Google Home Max delivers deep, thick bass response, with a ton of clarity even at the high frequencies. For those who want to make more out of the device, they can pair and connect two Google Home Max speakers and they will get an even better stereo setup which would satisfy all their music needs.

Besides providing amazing sound quality, the Google Home Max also provides a great experience to the users when it comes to Web searching. The device easily fetches information from the Web at users’ request.

At present, Google Home Max is one of the best smart speakers available in the market and it is available in two colors: charcoal and chalk.

Usually, the device retails at $399 but you will be paying only $299 today to put your hands on the device.

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